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"Reducing Anesthetic Gasses Climate Foot Print"

During the General Assembly in May 2019, the World Federation of Public Health Associations proposed the "Reducing Anesthetic Gasses Climate Foot Print" Policy Resolution. 

While more study is necessary, a rough estimate published by the World Bank Group finds that the healthcare sector generated 2.6 billion out of the 52 Billion metric tons of CO2e globally emitted in 2011—or 5% of global emissions. 1 The investigators took into account the contribution generated by hospital activities, research and the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals. The analysis found that hospitals by far were the largest contributors of carbon emissions. Although the findings are worrisome, they suggest that greener health care delivery will have a large positive impact on our environment.

The policy calls that the World Federation of Public Health Associations join the professional organizations of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists and take action steps that include: lowering greenhouse gas anesthetics, reducing gas escape from the operating theater utilizing practical modifications of practice, and providing national public health associations information concerning this issue to permit institution based professional members to aid in this effort.

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The WFPHA co-signed a call initiated by the Planetary Health Alliance, the Clinicians for Planetary Health working group and World Organization of Family Doctors - WONCA. The initiative urges healthcare practitioners to get engaged in planetary health. The WFPHA supports doctors, physicians, nurses, and other clinicians protecting our health thanks to their unique capacity to understand and communicate the shifting landscape of planetary health challenges and the strategies. Read the call here

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Following the decision of the 144th Executive Board of the WHO in January 2019, it was decided to maintain us, the World Federation of Public Health Association, in official relations with the World Health Organization. WFPHA commits to continue to support and collaborate with WHO’s mission to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the most vulnerable. 

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2019 is the Year of Indigenous Languages!

The WFPHA’s Indigenous Working group presents their press release, celebrating the tribute to Indigenous language. Playing an important role in culture and cultural expression, language is precious to indigenous people. With culture playing a central role in their health and wellbeing, the Indigenous Working Group encourages the over 90 countries around the world, where the 3000 million Indigenous people have called home before colonization, to invest in Indigenous language maintenance and revival.

Read the full press release here!