WFPHA has more than 100 Members from around the world including national public health association Members, regional association Members representing both public health associations (PHAs) and schools of public health (SPHs),  sustaining Members and Partnes. The alliance between PHAs and SPHs began in 2004 at WFPHA’s 10th International Congress held in Brighton, England. At this time, two have joined: ASPHER, the Association for Schools of Public Health in the European Region and ALAESP, the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Education in Public Health.

Nowadays WFPHA’s Members represent a diverse population of public health professionals working as nurses, sanitarians, administrators, physicians, health educators, pharmacists, anthropologists, and researchers, among many others. WFPHA's Members are presented below. Current partners with a mutual membership are the International Federation of Environmental Health, the International Association of National Public Health Institutes and the International Epidemiological Association.

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