Protecting people and the planet, preventing diseases,
and promoting peace, health, and well-being

The health situation analysis shows that we live in a syndemic, a set of linked health problems involving several afflictions and their determinants interacting synergistically. Among these determinants, violence, wars, and environmental issues related to the climate crisis are prominent, as they jeopardize the continuity of life on the planet and increase social and health inequities. These factors not only endanger life’s continuity on Earth but also contribute to social and health disparities. To tackle these complex challenges, the World Federation of Public Health Associations has developed a new strategic plan for the period of 2023 – 2027 with a renewed mission: “Protecting people and the planet, preventing diseases, and promoting health, peace, and wellbeing”, and renewed goals. Aligned with this mission, the WFPHA’s goals center around advocating for peace, promoting sustainable health equity, and developing global policies aimed at enhancing the health of populations and the planet.

Strategic Plan

2023 – 2027

Goal 1

Advocate for peace, sustainable health equity, and global policies to improve the health of populations and the planet

Goal 2

Contribute to promoting system change and decolonizing public health

Goal 3

Contribute to strengthening and democratizing global health governance

Goal 4

Develop and advance public health knowledge, education, practice, and research

Goal 5

Grow new and strengthen existing partnerships with groups or individuals who share our values

Goal 6

Support and strengthen member associations

Goal 7

Build an effective, efficient, responsive, and sustainable WFPHA