Webinars & Workshops

WFPHA organises annual webinars and workshops
in line with the Global Charter for the Public’s Health

Throughout the year, the WFPHA organizes a series of webinars aimed at building capacity, sharing knowledge, strengthening advocacy, and supporting public health professionals and associations. These webinars cover a variety of topics, including leadership, essential public health functions, strengthening health systems, personalized prevention, mental health, and vaccination.

During these high-level webinars, the WFPHA engages with distinguished speakers to discuss actions aimed at promoting equity, public health leadership, and global coordination to tackle global health challenges. Moreover, we convene global public health leaders to discuss critical focus areas such as global surveillance and response, as well as climate crisis mitigation from a One Health perspective.

We also delve into the role that science and politics play in public health and discuss the essential public health functions. Leaders from the WFPHA’s Public Health Leadership Coalition have stressed the importance of political leaders investing in evidence-informed policies. Also, a topic that is frequently discussed during webinars is health equity as a primary concern for sustainable socio-economic development.

Additionally, we have hosted a series of webinars on vaccination led by the WFPHA International Immunization Policy Taskforce. World-renowned experts have also discussed the importance of personalized medicine and deliberated on the best approaches for facilitating international collaboration and the sharing of best practices.


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