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Webinar: Secure Futures: Bridging Sustainable Investment in Immunization and Defense Strategies


Apr 17, 2024

Date and Time: 7th May 2024 | 17:00-18:00 New York (EST) | 23:00-00:00 Geneva (CEST) | 8th May 2024 | 07:00-08:00 Sydney (AEST)

Event Description: In this enlightening webinar, we delve into the strategic parallels between sustainable investment in immunization programs and the realms of defense. By exploring the foundational principles that underpin both sectors, we aim to uncover the critical role that long-term, sustainable investments play in ensuring global health security. Our panel of experts from the fields of public health, finance, and policy will guide attendees through an analysis of investment strategies, outcomes, and the shared goal of creating a safer, more resilient world.

This webinar is supported by a charitable donation of Pfizer.

Confirmed speakers:

Prof Maria del Rocio Saenz Madrigal. Professor of Health Promotion, University of Costa Rica and former Executive President of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and former Minister of Health of Costa Rica

Dr. Jane M Barratt, Ph.D., Global Advisor at the International Federation on Ageing (IFA)


Dr Michael Moore AM, Former President of the WFPHA