Covid – 19

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, compounded by the emergence of new variants and the myriad health, political, and socio-economic challenges arising in parallel and in connection to the pandemic, the WFPHA remains committed to confronting both the pandemic and other global health problems via advocacy, education and awareness campaigns. We have led calls to ensure equitable vaccine access throughout the world, waive vaccine intellectual property rights, improve global health preparedness and coordination, strengthen public health leadership, and improve political leadership responses. The virus has proved unpredictable and insidious not only as a disease but also through its exacerbation of the various global economic, political, and environmental crises with which we are already grappling. As such, the WFPHA has engaged a holistic approach in advocating for measures that address the inequities that run rampant throughout the world and that have intensified any obstacles encountered in mitigating the effects of COVID-19.