51th General Assembly - 2017

The 2017 General Assembly of the WFPHA will take place in Melbourne, Australia, during the 15th World Congress on Public Health.






WFPHA GA -1st part


April the 3rd 2017

WFPHA members

Convention Centre Room 217

WFPHA GA – 2nd part


April the 6th 2017

WFPHA members

Convention Centre Room 208


Relevant Documents for the General Assembly

Please print the below documents and bring them with you to the meeting.

  1. GA Agenda
  2. Minutes of last General Assembly
  3. Resolution 1: Exempt Tax on Fluoridated Toothpastes to Promote Oral Health
  4. Resolution 2: Exempt Tax on Dental Supplies and Equipment for Infection Control and Prevention
  5. Resolution 3: Scientific Evidence and Treatment Needed to Combat the Spread of HIV - Not Ineffective Travel Bans
  6. Resolution 4: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Women and Girls as a Human Right
  7. 2017 Budget
  8. 2016 Closing Budget
  9. Dr. Miguel Gerardo Lombera CV and Supporting Letter
  10. Membership Committee Report
  11. 2016 Annual Report - Global Charter updates and Working Group reports can be found here-within.

50th General Assembly - 2016

2016 WFPHA General Assembly outcomes

A Global Charter for the public's health

The A Global Charter for the Public’s Health (GCPH) is the main output of WFPHA collaboration plan with the World Health Organization (WHO) to adapt today’s public health to its global context in the light of and in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Charter aims to bring together the best of all the existing models and provide a comprehensive, clear and flexible framework that can be applied globally and within individual countries, whether low, middle or high-income. The A Global Charter for the Public's Health provides new insights into the direction of public health and provides guidance for both ‘services’ and ‘functions’. As such, when read in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goals, the Charter has the potential to be a major influence globally. It is a document that ought to be taught in public health faculties and used to develop strategic approaches by public health associations around the world. The Charter has been published at the European Journal of Public Health. It has been officially presented at the Commonwealth meeting (May 22nd 2016), at the side event “Global and local: Public Health and Primary Care in action!” during the 69World Health Assembly and subsequently to the general public at the University of Geneva in June 2016. The implementation phase has started with the Commonwealth Implementation Tool for the "Global Charter for the Public's Health" and a survey that has been sent to all PHAs and IANPHI members as well as main international health related organization to see if and how the Charter can be applied locally and globally to reshape PHA strategic plan and as a tool for advocacy. Public health association of Australia (PHAA) has already re-shaped its strategic plan around the Charter.

Statement & Resolutions

The general assembly has approved the following resolutions (available at http://www.wfpha.org/policy-and-advocacy/resolutions):

  • Resolution “The integration of oral health into primary health care and public health system”
  • Resolution “Reducing Maternal Mortality as a Human Right”
  • Resolution “Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes”
  • Resolution “International Trade Agreements and Public Health”
  • Resolution “Zika virus and the Olympics: a public health disaster in the making?”

Moreover, two WFPHA statements have been presented at the 69th World Health Assembly:

New Governing Council Members

The nomination committee has presented:

  • three outstanding candidates for the VP-president elect position: L. Rispel, L. De Souza and J. Griemland. The GA has elected L. Rispel (South Africa) as new VP/president elect.
  • two outstanding candidates for the Asia Pacific seat on the GC: A. Bachtiar and A. Te Patu. The GA has elected A. Te Patu (New Zealand) to seat on the GC for the Asia pacific region. CPMA leaves its seat as Asia-pacific representative but will remain on the GC as regional office (ex officio).
  • five outstanding candidates for the young professional seat on the GC: Mustakim, N. Folmann Hempler, T. Tillmann, T. Pigott and S. Buttigieg. The GA has elected T. Pigott (Canada) as young professional on the GC. 

WFPHA Officers

Regional federations reports

Regional federations reports are available at http://wfpha.org/about-us-wfpha/regional-offices-en

Working groups reports

WGs reports are available at the respective website pages:

A new working group on Public Health in Emergencies and Disasters has been approved in principles. The new co- Chair, Ahmed Javed Rahmanzai and Chadia Wannaus will develop further the concept and set up the new WG.

New WFPHA Members

Full Members

  • Public Health Society of Panama (SPSP)
  • Malta Association of Public Health Medicine (MAPHM)
  • Public Health Association of Colombia (ACSP)
  • Jordan Public Health Association – pending the confirmation of multidisciplinary

Sustaining Members

  • International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF)

Regional Members

  • Alliance of Public Health Associations of the Americas (APHAA) – pending the reception of approved Statutes


  • International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI)
  • International Epidemiological Association (IEA) – mutual membership on-going

Memorandum of Understanding with AFPHA

  • MoU with African Federation of public health associations has been approved:14 new PHAs will be added to the current PHAs already members from the region. National PHAs from AFPHA to be accepted as Full or Associate Members upon MC decision. Membership fees collection will remain independent.

The WFPHA  extend a warm welcome to its new Members!

annual report

2015 WFPHA Annual Report & financial report (last page of the annual report)

WHO report

Dr R. Krech, WFPHA DTO, has underlined the importance of the Charter in the Global arena in his intervention.

MEMBERS report

Members reports

Amended Bylaws

2016 Bylaws amended

49th General Assembly - 2015

 2015 WFPHA General Assembly outcomes


 2014 WFPHA Annual Report.

2014 Financial Report

WFPHA Headquarters Report

Asia Pacific Regional Liaison Office Report

Amended Bylaws

2015 Bylaws amended

New Governing Council Members

Prof. Walter Ricciardi, Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health,

has been elected to sit on the WFPHA Governing Council for the EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA region

Dr. Tareq Salahuddin, Public Health Association of Bangladesh, has been elected to sit on the WFPHA Governing Council for the SOUTH ASIA region

Dr. Dominique Kondji Kondji, Cameroon Public Health Association, has been elected to sit on the WFPHA Governing Council for the AFRICAN region

Dr Bazarragchaa Nansalmaa, Mongolian Public Health Professionals’ Association, has been elected to sit on the WFPHA Governing Council for the ASIA PACIFIC region

WGs and Committees Chairs

New Chairs and committee/WG members election has been officialized. For more information, click here.

New WFPHA Members

* National Association of public health professionals (NAPP) - Sierra Leone: Full Member * All-Ukrainian Public Health Association: Full Member

* Network of Schools and Programs of Population and Public Health - Canada (NSPPPH): Regional Member * International Federation of Environmental Health: Sustaining Member

The WFPHA  extend a warm welcome to its new Members!

For more information, click here.

Statement & Resolutions

Statement by the WFPHA on Electronic Cigarettes

Support for WHO evidence-based publication on electronic cigarettes

The World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) strongly supports the evidence-based position taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) following publication of its report on the issue of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), more commonly known as electronic cigarettes – or e-cigarettes.

To read the full statement, click here.

Oral Health Resolutions passed by the WFPHALogo Tooth2

Two resolutions on Oral Cancer prevention and Dental public health workforce , submitted by the Oral Health Working group of the WFPHA, have been passed by the WFPHA General Assembly.

For more information on the Resolutions and the Oral Health Working Group, click here.

New Working Group

A new working gropu on Women Children Adolescent has been created.

For more information, please contact D. Walker or J. Lewis .

Photos (click on the photo to see the slide show)

48th General Assembly - 2014

Reflections & Reports from the 48th WFPHA General Assembly:

On Sunday, May 18, during the WFPHA’s Annual General Assembly, my two-year term as WFPHA President came to an end. As I handed over the Presidency to Dr. Mengistu Asnake of Ethiopia, I reflected with satisfaction on what we have achieved over the past few years.

We improved the Federation’s organizational and policy influence capacity by expending our membership and concluded an innovative memorandum of understanding with the European Public Health Association which will serve as a model for similar agreements with other regional networks of public health associations; by developing and implementing the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan; by making our governance process more efficient and responsive; and by exploring new partnerships with potential partners and funders.

WFPHA PresidentsWFPHA Presidents

We strengthened the global public health community through launching the pilot Job Share initiative (henceforth to be known as the WFPHA Fellowship Program) and holding a pilot skills-building workshop for public health associations in Africa on policy development and advocacy. The WFPHA was present at several public health association conferences, played a leadership role at the 1st Arab World Public Health Conference, and participated in global health conferences in Canada, Taiwan and Qatar. The Federation began exploring new partnerships with other professional organizations, such as the International Epidemiology Association.

We also took action on several priority public health issues. We approved new position statements on oral health, environmental health and international trade and public health; we galvanized attention on the issue of falsified/falsely-labelled medicines; and we embarked on a collaborative initiative with the WHO to define public health in today’s global setting. The Federation is also developing a statement to advocate for public health within the post-2015 human development agenda. We are also moving forward on advocacy and action on the issues of tobacco control and skills and competencies within public health education and training.

The planning for the 14th World Congress on Public Health, which takes place 11-15 February 2015 in Kolkata (India) is progressing well. During the face-to-face meeting of the International Congress Organizing Committee and the Congress Scientific Committee on May 16, the list of keynote speakers and the structure of the Congress’ program were finalized. Our colleagues at the Indian Public Health Association are putting into place the logistical arrangements in association with KW Conferences. We anticipate 2700 delegates from over 100 countries.

The General Assembly also saw the ratification of the recommendation made by the World Congress Bid Selection Committee to accept the bid by the Public Health Association of Australia to host the 15th World Congress in April 2017 in Melbourne (Australia). This will be a particularly important event, as it will coincide with the WFPHA’s 50th anniversary. The GA also confirmed Michael Moore, CEO of the Public Health Association of Australia, as the Federation’s new Vice President/President-Elect.

 all LDall LD

It has been an honour and a privilege serving the Federation. I am proud of what we have accomplished and put into place. I thank the members of the WFPHA Governing Council, the Advisory Board, the Federation’s various committees and working groups, our Geneva Headquarters staff and the many women and men from around the globe who have volunteered their time and provided invaluable input to help us create a vibrant and influential voice for global public health. I wish Mengistu and Michael all the best as they move the Federation to a new level.

Jim Chauvin

WFPHA Immediate Past-President

Main reports from the 48th General Assembly




50th Annual General Assembly

49th Annual General Assembly

48th Annual General Assembly

47th Annual General Assembly

46th Annual General Assembly

45th Annual General Assembly

44th Annual General Assembly


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