The Working Group

The Work Group on Women, Children and Adolescents (WCAWG) was approved by the WFPHA General Council at the February 2015 meeting in Kolkata, India. The group addresses the health issues of these populations through advocacy, advancing public health practice through research and education, and expanding partnerships to reach women, children and adolescents. The Group was created as the WFPHA had very few policies addressing Maternal Childhood Health. The focus of this WG emphasizes women’s health including, but not exclusive to, reproduction and parenting, newborn and children’s health and adolescents.

This lifespan approach predated the UN/WHO Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030) which was launched in September. The work of the WG will support and expand The Strategy’s roadmap to ensure that all women, children, and adolescents survive, thrive, and transform their societies for a healthy and sustainable future. This means eliminating inequity.

Founding WG members represent 10 countries (Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Sudan, Uganda, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the United States) and have extensive experience in practice, research and education in women, children and adolescent health. Four members of this group presented a well-attended concurrent session at the WFPHA meetings in Kolkata (pictured below). The WG is reviewing WFPHA policies and will write one or more new policies on the themes covered by the WG.

The WG will work with planning committee for 17th World Congress to include WCA topics and voices.  Members of WFPHA who would like to contribute to the WGs activities can contact the Headquarters.

Photo: Deborah Klein Walker

Left to right:  Judy Lewis, USA, Chair; Mohamed Moukyer, Sudan/Saudi Arabia; Sarah Kiguli, Uganda, Kamayani Bali Mahabal, India; Deyanira González de León, Mexico


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