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Tackling Inequities: WFPHA addresses Women’s Health in Aging


Feb 1, 2024

In January 2024, Prof. Bettina Borisch, CEO of WFPHA, took part in the “Women as They Age: Addressing the Next Inequity Frontier” event in San Diego. The event focused on the often-overlooked health disparities faced by women as they age.

Challenges for Aging Women

From menopause to senior years, women confront persistent gaps in best-practice care due to a lack of evidence, unfounded clinical assumptions, and a mismatch between the two.

Keynote and Discussion

Prof. Borisch delivered a keynote presentation on “Women as They Age,” contributing valuable insights to the dialogue around addressing health inequities for aging women.

Event Collaborators

The event was organized by the Jewish Health Foundation and Salzburg Global Seminars, dedicated to advancing healthcare understanding and fostering discussions on critical health issues.


The event highlighted disparities in healthcare for aging women and provided a platform for experts to advocate for positive change. WFPHA remains committed to addressing health inequities and promoting a holistic approach to women’s health.