Global Public Health Week

During Global Public Health Week (GPHW), the WFPHA brings together institutions, communities, and public health actors from around the world to recognize the contributions of public health and its workforce. This annual event engenders discussion on the best practices and missing gaps fundamental to disease prevention and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Public health has been the “invisible guardian” of our health for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the public health field more apparent and appreciated. However, the risk of regression post-pandemic is high. We cannot lose this momentum; we need to act now to prevent the next pandemic. Making public health visible and understood is a key step for emergency preparedness. Facilitating the sharing of knowledge, resources, and barriers faced by public health professionals globally is key to improving public health in all contexts.

The third edition of GPHW commences on April 8, 2024, with the theme “Fostering Peace as a Prerequisite for Equitable Health”. It will be a hybrid event, combining face to face and digital gatherings worldwide. In addition to the week’s theme, each day will focus on a specific theme:

  • Monday, April 8: Rethinking Public Health Paradigms
  • Tuesday, April 9: Enhancing and Democratizing Governance in Global Health
  • Wednesday, April 10: Putting Mental Wellbeing on the Health Agenda
  • Thursday, April 11: Promoting a Sustainable Life for Thriving Communities
  • Friday, April 12: Fostering the Development of the Right Competencies within Tomorrow’s Health Workforce

If you would like to submit your event by April 3rd, 2024, please contact

Events List

During GPHW, several events are organized by institutions, communities, and public health actors from around the world. A full list of the events is being updated. For more information about each event, please click on the event’s title.

Monday, 8 April: Rethinking Public Health Paradigms

Opening Ceremony

GPHW1 -Leadership lessons from the pandemic to the planetary emergency

GPHW2 -Rethinking Public Health Paradigms: systems thinking with One Health approach 运用全健康的系统思维重新思考公共卫生模式

GPHW3 -Pursuing Public Health in the Preindustrial World

GPHW4 -Urbanization and Public Health: Challenges of middle and low income countries

GPHW5 -Does public health have a role in peace? A beginner’s guide

GPHW6 -What’s Love Got To Do With It? Social love as an approach to public health and violence prevention

GPHW7 -Gobernanza en Salud Global: Fundamentos, Aspectos éticos y una mirada regional

GPHW8 -Keeping it Reel: Disseminating Public Health Information in the Current Social Media Era

GPHW9 -Fomentar la paz como requisito previo para una salud equitativa en Colombia

GPHW10- Tobacco Endgame Strategies- Interview with Dr. Paul Kavanagh

GPHW11 -A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. What additional evidence is needed to support the inclusion of ‘essential oral healthcare’ in Medicare?

GPHW12 -How can the application of decolonisation enable the rethinking of public health paradigms for Public Health?

GPHW13 -Community engagement as a toolkit to equitable health and a means of fostering peace in South Africa

GPHW14 -Addressing Public Health Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean WHO Region a youth perspective

GPHW15 -Quick Read

GPHW16-Future Directions in Oral Health: Global Perspectives

GPHW17- Speech from Prof. Michael Baker on allocating sustainable funding for resilient health systems

GPHW18-Vapes: Health Impacts and Public Health Solutions – Interview with Dr. Michelle Jongenelis

GPHW19-Interview- Rethinking public health paradigms to foster peace and equity

Tuesday, 9 April: Enhancing and Democratizing Governance in Global Health

GPHW20 -Strengthening Global Governance for Existential Threats

GPHW21 -Beyond Borders: Toward Equitable Global Health Governance

GPHW22 -Digital Health Citizenship: Advancing digital health and civic literacy through intergenerational dialogues

GPHW23 -ASPHER-GCCHE European Climate and Health Responders Course: Europe in a Global Context: Climate Justice

GPHW24 -Addressing NCDs: how can public health approaches have the most impact in low resource settings?

GPHW25 –Empowering Growth: Cultivating a Pan-African Network of Emerging Public Health Professionals

GPHW26-Enhancing and democratizing Governance in Global Health

GPHW27-African RAfrican Regional Aggregation Event at Global Public Health Weekegional Aggregation

GPHW28 -Revolutionizing Pediatric Mental Health: Public Health Strategies for Post-COVID Resilience and Equity

GPHW29 -The WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body Significance for Pandemic Preparedness

GPHW30 -Overcoming Intellectual Property Barriers to Equitable Medicines Access for Pandemics

GPHW31-Foreign Affairs and Health Governance: The Rising of Health Diplomacy

GPHW32- Casebook on Advocacy in Public Health Volume 2 call for submissions

GPHW33-Lecture on Protecting Health Workforce: Recommendations to Develop & Implement Dedicated Vaccination Programs

Wednesday, 10 April: Putting Mental Wellbeing on the Health Agenda

GPHW34 -Addressing Malaria: Present Challenges and Future Strategies

GPHW35 -Unveiling Hidden Struggles: Mental Health of Afghan Women and Girls

GPHW36 -Community Resilience and Well-being for a Changing World

GPHW37 -The intersection of humanities, arts and sciences in women’s mental wellbeing research

GPHW38 -What is the district health system and how has it evolved in South Africa?

GPHW39 -Investigating and addressing inequities on the mental health impacts of climate change

GPHW40 -Cultural Competency in Perinatal Mental Health

GPHW41 -The IC2Permed project promotes collaboration in personalised medicine between Europe and China

GPHW42 -Impact of the pandemic on health infrastructures in South East Europe: an interview with Dr Dragoslav Popovic

GPHW43 -What is the district health system and how has it evolved in South Africa?

GPHW44 -Mind Matters: Elevating Mental Wellbeing on the Global Health Agenda

GPHW45-Lecture on Allocating Sustainable Funding for Resilient Health Systems

GPHW46: Infodemics in Public Health

GPHW47- Measles Matters: A Conversation with Martha Rebour

GPHW48- Lecture on Translating the Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF) into Public Health Curricula

Thursday, 11 April: Promoting a Sustainable Life for Thriving Communities

GPHW49- Lecture on Allocating Sustainable Funding for Resilient Health Systems

GPHW50 -Empowering through Experience: Sustainable Living

GPHW51 -Fueling Change: Unveiling the Health Impacts of Fossil Fuels and the Imperative for a Just Transition

GPHW52 -Sustainability in Oral Health

GPHW53 -CAPHIA Infodemic Management Masterclass

GPHW54 -Supporting Sustainable and Thriving Communities

GPHW55-Sustainable Heath Equity Movement: three years in motion

GPHW56 -The role of AI and communities in national defense: Protecting lives, public health, and healthcare services against crippling attacks in the era of artificial intelligence

GPHW57 -Upholding Human Rights in Climate and Health Advocacy: A Panel Discussion

GPHW58-The Digital World: Psychological, Physical & Environmental Impacts

GPHW59 -Webinar: Internacional: Alimentación Saludable y Estrategias de Promoción de la Salud

GPHW60 -Sustainability Sparks: Igniting Global Change from the Grassroots Up

GPHW61 -Webinaire: Vers Une Democratie Sanitaire Visant A Promovouir Une Vie Durable Pour Des Communautes Prosperes : « Dix propositions pour une véritable transformation du secteur de la santé pour tous et par tous au Cameroun

GPHW62-Health Challenges in Rural Angola: A Closer Look

GPHW63-Lecture on protecting health workforce: recommendations to Develop & Implement Vaccination Programs in LIC & LMIC

GPHW64-Remettre la santé publique au cœur du débat sociétal

GPHW65-PHASA Climate, Energy and Health SIG : Centering health in the Just Transition, is the health sector on board?

GPHW66-Lecture on Shaping the Future of Public Health Sustainable Investments

GPHW67- Interview with Dr. Andrea Parisi about how epidemiologists and public health physicians work during cholera outbreaks in Africa

Friday, 12 April: Fostering the Development of the Right Competencies within Tomorrow’s Health Workforce

GPHW68 -Empowering the Next Generation: Insights from Early Career Academia in Public Health

GPHW69 -Work Readiness of Public Health Graduates – Challenge Room

GPHW70-Discussing the mission, functions and benefits of The Public Health Association of Trinidad and Tobago

GPHW71-Empowering Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders: Nurturing Essential Competencies for a Resilient Health Workforce

GPHW72-Empowering Future Public Health Professionals: A Workshop on Professional Development

GPHW73-Developing the Right Competencies within Tomorrow’s Health Workforce

GPHW74-Training in mental health: facing the challenges of our societies in Colombia and Latin America

GPHW75-Fostering the Development of the Right Competencies within Tomorrow’s Health Workforce

GPHW76-ASPHER’s Core Curriculum Programme (CCP): what are the needs for teaching the role of public health in preventing and responding to armed conflict?

GPHW77-Video presentation of doctoral thesis titled “An Analysis of a Public Health Campaign in Switzerland”

GPHW78-Maintaining Health Security: Strengthening Health Workforce Capacities for Infodemic Management

GPHW79-Building Together: Co-Creating Health Equity Training for Tomorrow’s Learning Health System Scientists

GPHW80-Empowering Global Health Leaders: Cultivating the Future Public Health Workforce

GPHW81-NextGen Public Health Summit: Developing Early Career for Forthcoming Workforce

GPHW82-Conflict Resolution Skills for Public Health Professionals

Closing Ceremony