Economic-Financial Drivers of an Unequal World


Jun 29, 2022

The People’s Global Summit. Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind starts 29 June to 2 July 2022. The Summit will run 24 hours for four days.

During the Summit people will be able to share their experiences and stories in different ways including presentations from people in communities, live panels, open mic rooms, storytelling, interviews, and many more.

WFPHA facilitates a live panel, Economic-Financial Drivers of an Unequal World, on 29 June, at 14:30 (UTC). This panel highlights that we have to revise our incentives and learn how to counteract the prevailing economic drivers in order to preserve the health of people and the planet.

Join us to contribute to a new eco-social world that leaves no one behind.