The World Federation of Public Health Associations offers unpaid internships in the International Office in Geneva, Switzerland. 

WFPHA offers a unique environment for an internship for students in international health and development. Interns are given substantial responsibility for performing activities such as researching and writing articles for the newsletter, establishing contact with health and development NGOs around the world, planning international conferences, and fundraising. Each internship is structured to suit the needs and interests of the intern, such as working on an individual research assignment, as well as the requirements of WFPHA. Interns may have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of WFPHA policy resolutions or papers, depending on circumstances.

During the course of the internship, the intern will further develop his/her writing and research skills and become more familiar with the key issues and actors in international health and development. They will have extensive networking opportunities as WFPHA is an international NGO in official relations with WHO, and has extensive contacts with other organizations worldwide. No travel opportunities will be provided.


Internships are offered to current graduate students with strong academic backgrounds and an interest in global public health.  Applicants should possess strong writing and research skills. In addition, applicants should be able to work fairly independently and ideally be knowledgeable about the major issues in the field of global health.


Opportunities for internships are available year round and can be developed for a 3-4 month period, an academic semester, or a full year.  


WFPHA internships are unpaid.  The organization does not cover re-location expenses and does not sponsor international student visas.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send your CV and motivation letter, specifying your availability, to E. De Cata.

Current WFPHA Interns

Ayat AbourashedAyat HeadshotAyat Headshot

My name is Ayat, an American-Egyptian Master’s student. Currently, I am enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus Infectious Diseases and One Health Master of Science program. I started working with WFPHA in June and will stay in Geneva until the start of September. My main focus has been creating a Food Labelling Webinar for October 2018. Even though my time working on-site is fairly short, I plan on continuing my work with the Food Labeling Webinar once my courses start again in the fall. I really wanted to gain experience in the public health sector, and WFPHA seemed like a great way to connect various networks and organizations and promote health education through modern communication methods like digital technology. That and the fact that it is located in Geneva, the heart of the international organizations and an endless melting pot of cultures. During this time, I’ve really learned how to juggle multiple projects at once and work with different groups. 


WFPHA Headshot2WFPHA Headshot2Becky Brosch

My name is Becky Brosch and I am a graduate student from Chicago, United States. I am completing my Master of Public Health degree at Saint Louis University with concentrations in Global Health and Biosecurity & Disaster Preparedness. My academic background is rooted in political science and graphic design, both of which have helped spark my interest in health policy and innovation. During my undergraduate career, I was fortunate to travel to Brazil and Ghana where I learned more about public health, neglected tropical diseases, and comparative health systems. My graduate career has been focused on diplomacy, evaluation, infectious disease control, and environmental health. I began interning at the WFPHA in early July and will complete my work in late September. I look forward to promoting the WFPHA’s mission and the Global Charter for the Public’s Health through advocacy, communication, and research.


Scott HeadshotScott HeadshotScott Chiossi

My name is Scott Chiossi, I am an Italian-Scottish student currently living in Barcelona. I am undertaking a Masters in Infectious Diseases and One Health, with a particular interest in integrative policies; current and emerging disease prevention and health improvement as a whole. I began working for WFPHA in May 2018, where I started planning for our first International Webinar on Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling (FoPL) to be held in October 2018. The aim of the Webinar is to discuss with experts from different regions in the world how to establish FoPL as an effective strategy for improving the publics' nutritional health and preventing diet-related diseases. What fascinates me most about the WFPHA is its ability to connect public health systems from all over the world, strengthening such systems and developing new strategies through the core principles of Protection, Prevention, and Promotion. So far I have not only learned the value of networking and communication, namely when attempting to conduct inter-sectorial work, but also the importance of online platforms as a means of reaching the public to further advocate certain health behaviours.


Marie-Anne Pham

Marie Anne Headshot

My name is Marie-Anne Pham. I am currently doing my bachelor’s degree in medicine at the University of Geneva. I am also enrolled in a summer research program for medical students. I choose to do my summer internship at WFPHA because it is based in Geneva, it met my school requirement for the summer program and because of my interest in public health. I was curious to know how organizations based in my hometown were able to make health policy changes. I started working at the WFPHA since the beginning of July and I will complete my internship at the end of August. I am currently working on the interest of medical students regarding global health and humanitarian health during their undergrad medical studies. I was surprised to learn the importance of social media in public health.


General Guide for Interns in Geneva

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