a sign that says stop war in front of a crowd of people

Wars are never necessary: Gaza is the best example


Jan 17, 2024

In a recent publication, The Lancet delivers a powerful message against the perceived justification of war, using the ongoing conflict in Gaza as a poignant example. The article challenges the notion of a “necessary war” and calls for global advocacy in defense of life.

Over two months into the conflict, no resolution has been achieved, and persistent challenges endure. The toll on lives lost and survivors facing enduring hardships is immeasurable. The billions spent on destructive endeavors could have been redirected to save lives, nourish and immunize communities, aid the malnourished, establish equitable systems, and supply essential medicines to regions worldwide.

For the authors, WFPHA President Prof. Luis Eugenio De Souza, Paulo Buss and Santiago Alcázar, appeal continues: stop the war and the bloodshed and let health act in the recovery of the injured and those affected mentally and physically.