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Urgent Humanitarian Appeal: Health Crisis for Hostages in Gaza


Jan 15, 2024

100 days have passed since the October 7th massacre. This surprising assault resulted in the kidnapping of more than 240 Israeli and foreign citizens from their homes and a party in southern Israel with an additional 1,200 murdered. In response, the Israel Defense Forces initiated a substantial counterattack, an operation that persists, leaving a landscape of devastation and despair and nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The health of hostages in Gaza is deteriorating rapidly, facing life-threatening risks each day. Many endure complex medical conditions, injuries, and profound mental trauma, requiring specialized care.

As each day passes, the health and lives of all hostages are seriously endangered. The release of hostages is an essential step toward alleviating the suffering and building the foundation for lasting peace.

The World Federation of Public Health Associations endorses the letter from laureates of the Nobel Prize to urgently call for their immediate release to ensure basic human rights and provide essential medical and psychological support. Time is of the essence, and every day in captivity further endangers their lives.