Protecting Health Workforce: Recommendations to Develop & Implement Dedicated Vaccination Programs in LIC & LMIC


Jan 24, 2023

Protecting health workers through appropriate vaccination is critical to protect them and our communities, and also, to avoid overburdening the health system.

Vaccine delivery relies on existing immunization infrastructure. However, worldwide nearly 40% of countries lack adult immunization infrastructure, and nearly 60% of the world’s population lives in countries without routine adult immunization programs. This is also true for health workers.

COVID-19 vaccines are administered in many Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LICs and LMICs) that lack infrastructure for routine adult immunization. This also means lack of mobilization and awareness, poor capacity for vaccine storage, handling, delivery and waste management for this category. To administer COVID-19 vaccines to adult populations, the necessary infrastructure and related activities are being developed. We should take advantage of this momentum to support sustainable development of infrastructure and measures to ensure vaccination across the lifespan, going beyond the COVID-19 vaccine, starting with the healthcare workforce.

On February 28, 2023, at 09:30 (CET), key recommendations on how to develop, implement, and strengthen the vaccination program for health workers in LICs and LMICs will be presented and discussed by experts from different countries.

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