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Launching the “Sustainable Investment in Immunization” Report


May 13, 2024

The World Federation of Public Health Associations is delighted to announce the publication of the “Sustainable Investment in Immunization” report. This pivotal document was created by our International Immunization Policy Taskforce, working in collaboration with esteemed experts from both the health and economic sectors. This comprehensive document provides case studies, tools, and strategies designed to assist health professionals globally in promoting sustainable investment in preventive health care, with a special emphasis on immunization programs.

Overview of the Report: Sustainable Health Investments

The report addresses the complex landscape of health investment, including the involvement of various stakeholders and the unique challenges this poses. It highlights the importance of primary health care (PHC) in establishing resilient health systems and points out the significant benefits of immunization programs. These programs are not only cost-effective but also critical for reducing the transmission of infectious diseases and improving overall societal well-being.

Analyzing the Returns on Investment

A prominent aspect of the report is its focus on the economic benefits of investing in immunization. It demonstrates that such investments are cost-effective across different income settings and can substantially alleviate the healthcare burden by reducing the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases. The analogy with defence spending is used to illustrate the concept of long term investment in preparedness providing a framework for advocating with governements.

Case Studies and Recommendations for Advocacy

The report includes several case studies that exemplify various approaches to long-term health investment. These examples serve as a practical guide for health professionals seeking to advocate for a systematic, long-term approach to investing in public health and PHC.

The recommendations are designed to help health professionals effectively advocate for immunization. They emphasize the importance of framing immunization as a long-term or capital investment on a national scale, contrasting it with short-term expenditures.

Moving Forward with Strategic Health Investments

The report aims not only to advocate for disease prevention and reduced mortality but also to enhance the overall well-being of communities. It suggests that incorporating economic perspectives into governmental discussions can lead to better strategic fund allocation, promoting sustained investment in health.

As we consider the insights from the “Sustainable Investment in Immunization” report, it becomes clear that thoughtful, long-term planning and commitment are essential for advancing public health goals and building stronger health systems. This document, together with two infographics and a ppt with key findings, serves as both a resource and a call to action for health professionals and stakeholders in health to prioritize sustainability in their decision-making processes.