GPHW2023: Youth Voices for a Healthy, Clean, and Sustainable Environment


Mar 18, 2023

Theme: Making Health a Human Right

Date and Time: 06 April 2023 | 20:30 – 21:30 (CEST)

Event Description: In July 2022, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) declared that access to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment constitutes a universal human right. As stakeholders across the globe are prompted to take action towards this end, the voice of young professionals and students should also be heard. Lately, youth organizations have increasingly become involved in a host of public health causes. These range from promoting cancer prevention and early diagnosis and disseminating credible information against COVID-19 to advocating for reparative action regarding the ramifications of armed conflicts on health. To shed light on these important issues, we are organizing a panel discussion featuring representatives from public health-oriented youth and civil society organizations, such as the European Student Think Tank, #Students_Against_COVID, the Institute of Cancer and Crisis, and the Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece. Join us as we discuss the impact and lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable healthcare, the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment for cancer prevention and management, and the potential response of the surgical community to climate change within the newly proposed concept of social surgery. 

Event Type: Seminar/Webinar

Event Format: Virtual

Language(s): English

Organiser(s): European Student Think Tank (Public Health and Policy Working Group), #Students_Against_COVID, Institute of Cancer and Crisis, and Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGGreece)

How to Attend In-person: N/A

How to Attend Virtually: Online event via Google Meet. A link for participation will be shared on the social media of the participating organizations in due time before the event. Interested individuals and organizations are welcome to reach out by e-mail for further clarifications:

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Registration: N/A