GPHW2023: Role of Physiotherapy for Sustainable Healthcare


Mar 17, 2023

Theme: Tackling the Climate Crisis

Date and Time: 04 April 2023 | 19:00 – 20:30 (CEST)

Event Description: The Europe region of World Physiotherapy has been striving as part of its strategic to uphold and enhance sustainable health care. During this webinar there will be an overview of the methods used and also on how this European organisation is promoting these practices to its members organisations and physiotherapists practising in the EU and globally. A webinar will be held in line with the theme “Tackling the Climate Crisis” with the title of session being “Physiotherapy for Sustainable Healthcare”. The primary obejctive of this webinary is that participants will learn further on how physiotherapy services are a better option to address climate crisis, which approach is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030. The webinar will be 1.5 hours long and the plan is as follows: A welcome note will be held by the Chairperson of the Europe region of World Physiotherapy (10 minutes) then Speaker 1, Annie Palstam from Sweden will be presenting a 20 minutes overview on “The role of Physiotherapy for Sustainable Healthcare” followed by Speaker 2, Loredana Gigli from Italy who will be presenting a 20 mins overview on the document of the Europe region of World Physiotherapy titled “Harmonisation of Sustainable Development Goals Within the Physiotherapy Profession”. The rest of the session will be moderated by Maria-Louisa Busuttil from Malta who will be facilitating a debate of 35 minutes where participants will be provided with the change to interact, and the primary focus of this debate will be on the cultural change that healthcare needs to implement to address the Climate Crisis. The concluding remarks will consist of recommendations that will merge throughout this session which will be presented by the moderator of the debate.

Event Type: Seminar/Webinar

Event Format: Virtual

Language(s): English

Organiser(s): Europe region of World Physiotherapy

How to Attend In-person: N/A

How to Attend Virtually: Livestream