Global Public Health Week 2024


Nov 8, 2023

The 3rd edition of Global Public Health Week (GPHW) commences on April 8, 2024, with the theme “Fostering Peace as a Prerequisite for Equitable Health”. It will be a hybrid event, combining face to face and digital gatherings worldwide.

During GPHW, the WFPHA brings together institutions, communities, and public health actors from around the world to recognize the contributions of public health and its workforce. This annual event engenders discussion on the best practices and missing gaps fundamental to disease prevention and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

In addition to the week’s theme, each day will focus on a specific theme:

  • Monday, April 8: Rethinking Public Health Paradigms
  • Tuesday, April 9: Enhancing and Democratizing Governance in Global Health
  • Wednesday, April 10: Putting Mental Wellbeing on the Health Agenda
  • Thursday, April 11: Promoting a Sustainable Life for Thriving Communities
  • Friday, April 12: Fostering the Development of the Right Competencies within Tomorrow’s Health Workforce

Get Involved

  • Hosting Event

Whether you are a public health association, a health organization, an institution, a health professional, a student, or an ordinary citizen interested in one of this year’s five GPHW themes, you are invited to:

  1. Choose one or more of the themes above.
  2. Mobilize your team to organize your own event(s) such as workshops, conferences, webinars, interviews, social media activities, contests, exhibitions, and many more in different formats such as in-person, online, or hybrid. Events can be big or small, local or global. Events can be organized in any language.
  3. Submit your event by March 1, 2024 using this link:
  4. The WFPHA will dedicate all its platforms, such as its website and social media, to give visibility to your events.
  • Participating

If you are unable to organize your own event, joining GPHW events and activities contributes to the success of events. Several events will be planned for each day of the week. Pick your favorite(s) and join us there.

Keep up to date with all the activities and news relating to GPHW by following #GPHW & #GPHW2024 on social media.

For more information, please send an email to: