Empowering Youth Voices in Public Health: Duha Shellah Joins WHO EMR Youth Council


Dec 22, 2023

The World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) proudly announces the acceptance of Duha Shellah as its representative to the esteemed World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) Youth Council. This appointment reflects a shared commitment to amplifying youth voices and fostering meaningful engagement in shaping the future of global health.

At the heart of this initiative is the belief that the perspectives and contributions of young individuals should be central to decisions impacting global health. WHO EMRO’s establishment of a regional youth council within the EMR aims to empower young leaders like Duha Shellah to play a pivotal role in influencing public health policies, not just in the region but on a global scale.

The WHO EMR Youth Council serves as a dynamic platform for harnessing the innovative ideas, experiences, and expertise of young leaders. The goal is to strengthen their involvement in policy-making processes and elevate their status as key contributors to public health systems. This initiative aligns with WFPHA’s broader mission to promote inclusivity and youth engagement in global health advocacy.

Duha Shellah’s representation in the WHO EMR Youth Council is a testament to the WFPHA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in public health. As a representative, Duha will bring a wealth of insights, advocating for policies that address the diverse needs of the population.

The collaborative efforts between WFPHA and WHO exemplify a shared vision for a future where youth voices are not only heard but are instrumental in shaping the direction of public health initiatives. This appointment is a beacon of youth leadership, showcasing the vital role young individuals play in influencing and advancing global health agendas.