COVID-19 a Springboard for Immunization for All Ages


Apr 29, 2021

The WFPHA has used World Immunisation Week to call for greater coordination in the vaccination of people of all ages.

Past President, and Chair of the WFPHA Global Taskforce on Immunization, Professor Michael Moore stated “the importance of immunization across all ages has never been more obvious than as revealed through the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Professor Moore represents the WFPHA on the Immunization for All Ages (IFAA) group and has called for support for the IFAA Manifesto.

The Manifesto provides details in terms of the actions that governments, health groups and individuals can take to improve the lives of people of all ages.

WFPHA President, Professor Walter Ricciardi, supported the call stating “the WFPHA is focused on ensuring the best health outcomes possible for all peoples of the world. We should be leaving no-one behind. This is why the WFPHA supports the Manifesto developed by the IFAA and hopes that it will assist to reduce inequity, increase access to vaccination and see increased investment in prevention”.

“The time is right”, he concluded, “to take action on immunizing all of our populations not only against COVID-19 but against all of the disease for which we have an effective vaccine”.