Call for Case Studies on Responses to COVID-19 Aimed at Improving and Sustaining Health Equity


Nov 6, 2020

World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM) initiative is seeking submissions of case studies that illustrate attempts to reduce inequities caused by COVID-19. The best/most impactful studies from around the world (about 20-30) will be published in a special collection.

There is a two-step process for publication:

Step 1: Governments, academia, NGOs, individuals, etc., are invited to contribute. A short overview of the case study should be submitted using Form A.

Step 2: After revision by a Selection Committee convened by WHO and SHEM, authors of the best/most impactful case studies will be invited to prepare full-length case studies (up to 2,000 words). The full-length case studies will be reviewed and edited for clarity and style before publication by WHO and SHEM.

Deadline for submission of Form A: 16 November 2020