The Asia Pacific Regional Liaison office (APRLO) of the WFPHA represented by Prof. Yang Weizhong and Ms. Yi Heya visited the WFPHA Headquarters on September 8th, meeting Prof. Walter Ricciardi, EU Governing Council member, and Dr Marta Lomazzi, Executive manager of the WFPHA. Other public health professionals from China have joined the delegation.

During the meeting the development of public health in the region as well as the set-up of a regional federation of public health associations have been discussed.

In May 2015 in Mexico City, the resolution "Child Human Rights – Resolution on Access to Oral Health for Children" was formally adopted by Mexico City government and staff as part of a program that will incorporate healthy eating, hand-washing and tooth brushing in schools.

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CPHA recommends agenda for action to address the ecological determinants of health

The Canadian Public Health Association developed an agenda for action addressing the ecological determinants of health. Designed for public health professionals and organizations, the agenda focuses on nine major recommended actions. To learn more about the agenda for action and addressing the ecological determinants of health, read the discussion paper.

L'ACSP recommande un programme d'action pour aborder les déterminants écologiques de la santé

L’Association canadienne de santé publique a élaboré un programme d'action au sujet des déterminants écologiques de la santé.  Conçu pour les professionnels et les organismes de la santé publique, ce programme recommande neuf grandes actions. Pour en savoir plus au sujet du programme d'action et des façons d'aborder les déterminants écologiques de la santé, lisez notre document de travail.


Delegates from the WFPHA governing council, headquarters as well as members of the WFPHA are participating to the Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly and side events. In the photo, M. Moore, WFPHA president-elect and B. Borisch, Head of the WFPHA headquarters, meet M. Chan, WHO Director-General.

Moreover a statement on the "International Charter of the Public's Health" has been submitted by the WFPHA and will be read under the point "Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property".