The WFPHA and EUPHA have jointly developed a statement on the refugees crisis. The statement has been presented at the European Public Health Conference in Milan on October 15th 2015. To read the statement, click here.

After 10 years of the successful Senior Dental leadership program developing the strategic leadership skills of 400 senior dental leaders, the Global Child Dental Fund charity has developed the Advanced Dental Leadership program – level 1 (ADL1). This program targets final year dental students and younger dental professionals worldwide, aiming to develop the leadership skills that will prepare the emerging generation of global dentists to perform in the increasingly competitive and evolving arena of modern dentistry.

The ADL1 program is structured around 20hrs of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules in oral health leadership, provide a verified certificate from the Global Child Dental Fund charity upon completion, is available in multiple countries and languages and costs £40 to sign up for all the interactive course materials.

A subgroup of WFPHA Oral Health working group has been involved in this ADL1 program making this activity one of the project sustained by the group. These professionals engaged in bringing their public health vision within the dental profession. The plan is to contribute to ADL1 as well as to develop the teaching activities to further levels in the next future.

Resolutions on important public health issues relevant globally and to the Federation as well should be submitted through the online system by December 31st 2015. The resolutions will be evaluated by the WFPHA Policy Committee and submitted for approval to the WFPHA General Assembly in May 2016.

Requests to found a new Working Group should be submitted by December 31st 2015 at latest and should include: WG name, scope & purpose; work plan; name of the Chair and of at least 3 members (more information on WG are available here). The request will be then evaluated by the WFPHA Governing Council and submitted for approval to the WFPHA General Assembly in May 2016.

Eleonora De Cata has a Ph.d. in Economics and has always had a huge interest in the NGOs and Non profit, working in the past for the Italian Division of International Cooperation.

She has been living in Italy, United States and Switzerland working mainly in administration and finance in several different sectors.

She has written a few papers on developing countries economics (Peru and Costa Rica) and on Italian fashion industrial districts (and their local impacts on environments and supply chain).

She is originally from Rome and speaks fluently Italian, English, Spanish and French.

She will be working for the WFPHA Headquarters as "Office Manager" taking care of members and media management, accounting and administration.