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Following the decision of the 144th Executive Board of the WHO in January 2019, it was decided to maintain us, the World Federation of Public Health Association, in official relations with the World Health Organization. WFPHA commits to continue to support and collaborate with WHO’s mission to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the most vulnerable. 

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2019 is the Year of Indigenous Languages!

The WFPHA’s Indigenous Working group presents their press release, celebrating the tribute to Indigenous language. Playing an important role in culture and cultural expression, language is precious to indigenous people. With culture playing a central role in their health and wellbeing, the Indigenous Working Group encourages the over 90 countries around the world, where the 3000 million Indigenous people have called home before colonization, to invest in Indigenous language maintenance and revival.

Read the full press release here!


The WFPHA has released a joint paper in collaboration with the European Public Health Alliance: “The Global Charter for the Public’s Health: how can we use it to tackle AMR?” 
AMR is a multisectoral problem, which must be dealt with on a regional, national, and supranational level. To systematically tackle AMR, there is a need for a framework that takes these preconditions into account. The Global Charter for the Public’s Health is one promising useful framework developed by the WFPHA.
This report represents one of the outcomes of our last year workshop on this topic. The Global Charter’s implementation is maintaining it’s progress! 
Read the full report here.

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The General Assembly Round Table Discussion 2019 will focus on the Transformational Leadership and Governance, one of the first steps in implementing the goals and intentions expressed in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan of the Federation. The discussion will be presided by our President Prof. Laetitia Rispel. The round table discussion is open to all the members of the federation. The round table discussion will be take place on Sunday 19 May 2019 .

For more information, contact Dr. Eleonora De Cata.

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