This year the the Hanoi School of Public Health Organizational Excellence Award went to the Hanoi School of Public Health.

The WFPHA Organizational Excellence Award was created to recognize outstanding contributions of public health by a non-governmental (NGO) organization or institution working to promote health, to prevent disease and injury, and to ensure conditions in which we all can be safe and healthy.

To read the Hanoi School of Public Health presentation at the 14 World Congress on Public Health, click here.


This year the H. Leavell Award went to Dr Vishvas Chaudhary, deputy chief medical officer, RCH, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh in recognition of the astounding ground he has accomplished in eradicationg the polio virus from India.

WFPHA established this award as a memorial to one of its founding Members. Dr. Hugh R. Leavell, who was President of the American Public Health Association in 1958 and Executive Secretary of the Federation from 1968-1972, was intimately responsible for many of the early developments of the Federation, including its recognition as a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization. In addition, Dr. Leavell was deeply involved in international health activities through his teaching with the Harvard School of Public Health, his assignments as a consultant with the Ford Foundation in India and as director of the joint APHA-WFPHA international study of voluntary health organizations.

For more information on Dr Vishvas Chaudhary activities , click here.


 2014 WFPHA Annual Report is now available. Read it!  

Please support ASH UK’s petition campaign aimed at Imperial Tobacco to end their unfair contract with the Lao PDR government. Imperial Tobacco signed a 25-year contract (starting in 2001) with the Lao government to cap tax increases, meaning very cheap cigarettes in Laos for 25 years, until 2025. This enable Imperial to build its business by paying low excise tax rate of 15% of production cost instead of complying with the law by paying the excise tax rate of 60% of wholesale price. While this ensured Imperial’s profits grew, the Lao government lost about US$80m in taxes over the past 12 years. Almost 5,000 Lao people die from tobacco related diseases every year.

The petition calls on Imperial Tobacco to end this unfair contract that degrades public health and prevents the Lao PDR from fulfilling their obligations under the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Imperial Tobacco has its annual shareholders meeting in the UK on 28 Jan where it will celebrate its enormous profits - Imperial made about US$1.8 billion in total profits last year

Links to signing the petition and more information about Imperial Tobacco’s deal with the Lao PDR can be found at: