On the 25th and 26th of October, World leaders, state members, health experts and global organizations will meet at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana Kazakhstan to renew their commitment to achieve primary universal health coverage, building on the principles of the Alma-Ata Declaration. 
The Declaration of Alma-Ata was ground-breaking in uniting health leaders behind the importance of primary health care as key to delivering better health for all, and to the value of social justice, health equity, and the social determinants of health. It formed the foundation for the last 40 years of global primary health care efforts. 
40 years ago, the WFPHA, played a significant role at the Alma-Ata Conference on Primary Health Care by releasing a position paper representing views of nongovernmental organizations about primary health care. 
 The aim today is to renew political commitment from member states and global organisations to developing people-centred primary health care, building on the principles of the Alma-Ata Declaration. A renaissance in primary health care is essential to provide health for all, including the most vulnerable. 
Alma ata 40 years agoAlma ata 40 years ago
Photo : In 1978, the WFPHA was represented by Mr. Gerald Dafoe (President at the time), on the Right and Mr. Russel Morgan, second to the left.
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