MDGs – A public health professional’s perspective from 71 countries

Lomazzi M, Theisling M, Tapia L, Borisch B, Laaser U (2013)
Journal of Public Health Policy, Federations’ Pages Online Supplement, 34, e1–e22; doi:10.1057/jphp.2012.69

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are nowadays discussed at several levels from governments to grassroots advocacy.

The WFPHA has executed a quali-quantitative survey to explore the opinion of public health professionals worldwide and their experience concerning the implementation and achievement of the MDGs with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. We received 427 completed questionnaires, from 71 countries.

88% of respondents were involved in MDGs-related activities collaborating mainly with the national government, multilateral organizations and local NGOs. The respondents’ main activities focused on MDG 4, 5, and 6. Their answers do not differ significantly across respondents’ employment position, WHO regions, and country’s Gross National Income. All 8 MDGs were considered as relevant by some in the public health community. However, the importance assigned to each MDG varies significantly, with MDGs 4 and 5 considered most important in the African Region, and MDGs 7 and 8 in the Western Pacific Region. Respondents from lower-income countries (LIC) attach high relevance to MDG1. All-together 51% agree fully and 40% partially with a positive statement on MDGs achievement. The quantitative results have been published at the Journal of Public Health Policy. The qualitative data of this study will be published soon.

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