9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR)


Monday 27 November 2017 - Thursday 30 November 2017


Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) is the host organization of the 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights in November 2017.

The Asia-Pacific is an area of rapid growth and transition. The benefits and costs of development are, however, not shared equitably among the countries and peoples of the region. In health, and even more in sexual and reproductive health, poor and marginalised communities miss out on good quality treatment and services.

Increased commercialisation and privatisation of health care, while expanding choice for the better off, results in double standards and restricted access for the underprivileged. This situation is particularly worrisome because universal health coverage is absent or inadequate, and sexual and reproductive health programmes are not always included. Political, cultural and religious values discriminate against women and gender and sexual minorities, and social exclusion is a real barrier to accessing information and services.

To address these and other equity challenges, there is a need to promote justice in and through sexual and reproductive health. This requires a rethinking of policies and practices to ensure that marginalised and disadvantaged peoples are placed centre-stage in the regional and national responses.  To support such work, civil society movements should participate as equal partners in decision-making to promote person-centred sexual and reproductive health and health care.

To bring about the SDG promise of ‘nobody’ being left behind, let’s work together towards justice in sexual and reproductive health. ­­­

Sub-themes: (click on link for more information)

1. Overcoming social, cultural and religious barriers in sexual and reproductive health

2. Towards a just economic order for sexual and reproductive health

3. Strengthening justice systems for sexual and reproductive health and rights

4. Making good quality sexual and reproductive health education available to all

5. Advancing justice and equity in sexual and reproductive health and health care


Location Ha Long Bay, Vietnam