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  Special Edition International Vaccination & Capacity Pre-Workshop Newsletter:


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1.- Key Information

Dear Attendees,


WFPHA would like to thank you for registering for our International Vaccination and Capacity Workshop! With over 300 participants registered, we are pleased to welcome you on Wednesday May 22 to the event! This newsletter contains all information pertaining to the workshop so you can come prepared for the event. If you need more information, please visit our website. In addition, WFPHA is an environmentally friendly association. This being said, we have decided to not print any programs for the event. The program and biography can be found at the end of this newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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2.- About the Workshop

The International Vaccination & Capacity Workshop will discuss strategies and good practices to increase primary prevention through increased capacity (from human to infrastructures to sustainable investments and beyond) applied to the vaccination context.


Notwithstanding the scientific evidence of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, we continue to witness major outbreaks and deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases. The reasons are complex and vary between and within geographical regions and countries. These reasons include lack of health care access, resource constraints, population displacement due to war and violence, religious opposition, vaccine refusal, conspiracy theories, and philosophical reasons on the ethics and politics of mandatory vaccination.


Human Resources for Health (HRH) are at the core of “capacity”, which is an essential element of the Global Charter for the Public’s Health. Although there is increasing recognition that HRH are essential for the achievement of broader development goals, including Universal Health Coverage, we face a global crisis. This crisis is characterised by sub-optimal leadership and governance; inequitable distribution; widespread shortages; poor performance; and lack of responsiveness to the needs of communities. The suboptimal resources for health are not limited to HRH only but embrace also infrastructures, institutional capacity, and strategic investment.


The WFPHA is taking the lead in enhancing the discourse on vaccination and capacity to enable its members, partners and stakeholders to increase their knowledge and advocacy efforts on these important global priorities. The workshop discussions will feed into the deliberations of civil society in the lead up to the United Nations Assembly in September 2019 on Universal Health Coverage.



3.- Speakers

WFPHA has confirmed numerous high-level speakers from all over the world to share different perspectives on vaccinations! To find the full list of speakers and their biographies, click here.

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4.- Program

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5.- Call to Action

At the end of the workshop, WFPHA will release a call to stregnth immunization and vaccination capacity globally. 

This World Federation of Public Health Associations workshop calls for international action to improve the uptake of vaccination internationally and increase professionals’ capacity within and beyond this context. We call on all levels of governments, governance levels in corporates (GAFAs), public health associations and like-minded organizations in every country to prioritize evidence-based immunization decision-making and to program actions to strengthen human resources for health (HRH) as a proven way of protecting health. 

We recognise the dangers of increasing measles and other outbreaks and that the suboptimal resources for health are not only limited to HRH but also embrace infrastructures, institutional capacity, and strategic investment. We see these as indicators that a more concerted effort is needed internationally.

WFPHA aims with this call to feed into the deliberations of civil society in the lead up to the United Nations Assembly in September 2019 on Universal Health Coverage. This call follows our Global Charter for the Public’s Health framework with services (protection, prevention, and promotion) and functions (governance, advocacy, capacity, and information).


To learn more, check out our website. If you have comments or your organization would like to endorse this call, please contact Marta Lomazzi at

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