GC Meeting Agenda

Feb5th – 1pm (CET – Geneva time)

1.0 Session Opening (L.  Rispel)

2.0 Overview of the face-to-face meetings in Geneva – detailed schedule available at the bottom of the document

3.0 Adoption of the Agenda – topics for voting with *(L.  Rispel)

4.0 Approval Minutes Dec 2018 *(L. Rispel)

5.0 Terms of Reference for the Governance review and comments

6.0 Standard congress logo *(M. Lomazzi)

7.0 WHO collaboration (B. Borisch & W. Ricciardi)

      7.1 EB feedbacks

      7.2 MoU for congress partnership

8.0 16 WCPH – Rome 2020 updates (W. Ricciardi, M. Moore, M. Lomazzi)     

      8.1 Plenaries & World Leadership Dialogues

      8.2 Website https://wcph2020.com/

      8.3 WFPHA ICC Members

      8.4 Advertisement 

9.0 New members (M. Lomazzi & H. Nieto/M. Lombeira)

      9.1 Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association – mutual partnership & webinar

      9.2 Four associate/full members from AMR as per MoU with AASPA –(Argentina, Dominica, Puerto Rico and Uruguay PHAs)

10.0 Fundraising updates (L. Rispel & W. Ricciardi)

11.0 “Transformational Leadership and Governance” Round Table Discussion (L. Rispel)

12.0 “Vaccination & Capacity” Workshop and booklet (L. Rispel & M. Lomazzi) 

13.0 AOB 

For information

Elections & Bids

  • Call for application to sit on the GC representing young professional and WPR has been sent. The 2nd seat for the SEAR and EMR will remain vacant due to the lack of eligible PHAs in the regions

  • Call for Bids to host the 17 World Congress on Public Health and to sit on the permanent Bid evaluation committee have been sent


  • The privacy policy agreed by the GC is now available on the website

  • The WFPHA has officially supported the World Heart Federation (WHF)’s statement delivered at the WHO Executive Board, in response to the Foundation for a Smoke-free World’s open letter.

Schedule of May Meetings 

Friday 17 May 2019 @ Campus Biotech

  • Finance Committee Meeting
  • Policy Committee Meeting
  • Working Groups (where relevant)  

15:30 GC Meeting

Saturday 18 May 2019 @ Maison de la Paix
08:30-10:30 GC (2nd Part if needed)
11:00 GA

Sunday 19 May 2019 @ Maison de la Paix (tbc)
9.00 – 14.00 “Transformational Leadership and Governance” Round Table Discussion- followed by President & ED concluding remarks to the GA

Monday 20 May 2019
WHA opening – if you wish to get a pass, please inform us by April 2019

Wednesday 22 May 2019 @ Campus Biotech
WFPHA Workshop – Under preparation

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