At the Seventieth World Health Assembly, started on 22 May 2017, the WFPHA addresses the world with important statements that will spread its vision of a healthier world. All statements will conquer with the Global Charter for the Public’s Health, which the WFPHA developed in collaboration with the WHO and in the context of the UN SDGs.

The first statement (point 13.4 - Evaluation and review of the global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property) is read by the president of the WFPHA, Professor Michael Moore. In the Health Systems session of the Assembly, he calls for the accountability in all sectors to consider the impact of its actions and policies on the social determinants of health.
WFPHA calls on all governments to be responsible and enable professionals and their organizations to carry out their work to develop further public health functions and quality health systems as global public resources.

The second statement on Oral Health (point 17.4.3 K - Strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and anaesthesia as a component of universal health coverage) is incorporated into the progress report session of the Assembly. The WFPHA wants to make the global society of health aware of its call for tax-exempt dental supplies and equipment for control and prevention of oral conditions and diseases. The WFPHA does so by establishing that oral health is a neglected sector of global health and that this is predominantly attributable to the high cost of oral health supplies, professionals and procedures. On this premise, the WFPHA advocates to make supplies for routine and surgical oral care affordable and available for all.

The third statement (point 13.1 Human resources for health and implementation of the outcomes of the United Nations’ High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth) is on the Engagement of the next generation in public health in planning for WHO’s future. It is read by Dr. Thomas Piggott, the WFPHA Governing Councilor for the Students and Young Professional Section.

The fourth statement (point 16.2 The Role of the health sector in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management towards the 2020 goal and beyond) welcome and endorse the WHO Road map on chemicals which contributes to the implementation of the SDG. WFPHA believe that the overall goal should focus on hazard reduction and aim at continuously improving the safety of chemicals, and not only managing hazardous chemicals safely. It is read by Susan Wilburn, of the WFPHA Environmental Health Working Group

Please find an overview of all the statements here

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