Dear All,
in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of WFPHA here 3 videos we made collecting many interviews amongst public health professionals and experts. 

Milestones of Public Health in the last 50 years:

50th Anniversary Milestones of Public Health50th Anniversary Milestones of Public Health 

The Role of Public Health

50th Anniversary Role of Public Health50th Anniversary Role of Public Health

The Future of Public Health 

50th Anniversary Future of Public Health50th Anniversary Future of Public Health

Photo Competition Video

Thank you to everyone who participated in the photo contest for the 50th Anniversary of the World Federation of Public Health Associations.

The contest was a great success! We received over 145 excellent photographs from over 30 different countries, identifying various achievements and challenges in public health. A selection panel made up of WFPHA representatives and leaders in public health have now watched the video of all the entries and have selected the three best photographs.

We would like to congratulate the following individuals for beings selected as our winners:

1st winner

primo classificatoprimo classificato

Title: Kangaroos of Colombia: An innovative, effective and economical method that guarantees the survival of preterm infants.

Description: A young mother, a beneficiary of the kangaroo mother's program at the Instituto Materno Infantil in Bogotá - Colombia, protects and welcomes in her breast her little baby, who receives maternal affection while taking a recommended bath of sunlight.

Name: Hernando Nieto – Herminso Ruiz.

Organization: Colombian Pubic Health Association.

Country: Colombia

2nd winner

secondo classificatosecondo classificato

Title: Giving girls a chance.

Description: Samata Project: the Samata intervention aims to reduce HIV risk among adolescent girls in Bijapur and Bagalkot Districts by increasing their rates of secondary school enrolment and completion.

Name: Guy Natanel.

Organization: Documental Films.

Country: India

3rd winner

terzo classificatoterzo classificato

Title: Male Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Campaign - Breast cancer awareness

Description: Create awareness about male breast Cancer which is an ignored issue.

Name: Felisters Bosibori Ondari.

Organization: Mol University.

Country: Kenya

The prize ceremony will be held on Thursday April the 6th at 10.30am in Plenary Room 1 at the World Congress on Public Health in Melbourne.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: Fitbit Charge 2


2nd Prize: Kindle


3rd Prize: Amazon or iTunes gift card

amazonamazon  itunesitunes

The three best photographs will be printed and displayed at the WFPHA booth at the WCPH in Melbourne. They will also be spread on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and website. You can view the video of the photo contest on youtube. This video is shared in our network of over 120 public health organizations around the world, on the WFPHA website and social media accounts and at the 15th World Congress on Public Health in Melbourne.

video contestvideo contest

WFPHA sincerely thanks you all for not only your contribution to our competition, but also for your contribution to the field of global public health and all that it advocates for.

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