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Election of the new vice president / president-elect of the WFPHA

During the next General Assembly, WFPHA members will elect the next vice president / president-elect of the WFPHA. Two people submitted their candidatures:

Dr. Mengistu Asnake from Ethiopian Public Health Association. For more information, click here.

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Dr. Deogratias Kaheeru Sekimpi from Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health. For more information, click here.

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Election of a new representative on the Executive Board for the Americas region of the WFPHA

Two candidates have applied for the position: Dr. Cuitláhuac Ruiz Matus from the Mexican Society of Public Health and Dr. Víctor Jesús Méndez Dussán from the Nicaraguan Association of Public Health. More information about the two candidates ara available clicking on their names:

Dr. Cuitláhuac Ruiz Matus

Dr. Víctor Jesús Méndez Dussán

Success and challenges in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

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Dear Member of the WFPHA

Dear Director of a Public Health Association/Organization

Dear MDGs expert
The WFPHA Executive Board agreed last year to solicit the Federation’s member associations and MDGs-expert worldwide through a survey to gain an understand whether and how, from their perspective, the MGDs have been achieved and the factors that have affected their achievement in your country. We also wanted to gain an understanding as to whether and how you or your public health association or organizations were involved in activities to contribute to their achievement. We want to go beyond statistics and epidemiological data, and obtain your qualitative opinion. The results of the survey will help inform the WFPHA as to where and how it can focus its efforts over the next few years and to provide input to the Federation’s advocacy activities related to the MDGs.

This project will be conducted by the WFPHA secretariat (Project coordinator: M. Lomazzi; co-investigator: L. Tapia) from April to Mai 2012 and will consist in a quali-quantitative survey that could be completed on line or by direct interviews.

The survey will be available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arab while interviews could be performed in English, French, Spanish or Chinese.

Therefore, we kindly invite each of you to send us (to: leticia ) by the end of April 2012 the names and contact details (see attached file) of one person representing your Public Health Association/Organization and of any other MDGs expert within your association or outside. Please feel free to forward this letter to any other person that could be interested in taking part in this survey.

I consider this project of highest importance for the Federation and worldwide as almost all other reports and analyses are restricted to the statistical aspect and do not take into account the individual experience of public health professionals working in the field. I therefore strongly recommend you to actively answer to this call.

Thank you!


Ulrich Laaser

WFPHA president

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Versión española - formulario de contacto

Versão portuguesa - formulário do contato (inglês)

The WHO held its 130th Executive Board session, Geneva - Switzerland

On 23rd January, the Executive Board (EB) of the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded its 130th session, which explored a diverse set of critical topics, including WHO reform, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), Social Determinants of Health beyond Rio, Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Substandard Spurious Falsely-Labelled/Falsified/Counterfeit Medical products (SSFFC), Better alternatives for Research and Development (R&D), and Global Mass Gathering which has been introduced as a new item in the agenda. An item discussing the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 was also added to the agenda, recognising health as a fundamental component of sustainable development and the need to integrate Rio+20 into the EB’s agenda. In addition, Dr Margaret Chan was nominated by the EB for a second term as Director-General of the Organization. Her nomination by the Executive Board will be submitted to the 65th World Health Assembly (WHA), scheduled from 21 to 26 May 2012.

During this 130th session, a significant part of the EB agenda was devoted to the reform package (management, structure, finance, and governance). Following up on the dialogue from the Board's special session, held in November 2011, Member States deliberated on three main topics: programme and priority setting, governance and managerial issues. Main messages of the discussions include the importance of establishing a transparent, comprehensive, and inclusive negotiation process as well as WHO’s leadership role to respond to global health challenges in the 21st century. Web-based consultations are currently being held to collect comments from Member States on current proposals within the reform agenda. In addition, meetings open to all countries are scheduled this month while the Secretariat is preparing a consolidated paper to be submitted to the upcoming WHA.    

In the wake of non communicable diseases becoming a key global health concern, the EB adopted a resolution[1] as a follow up to the Political Declaration of the High Level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of NCDs held in New York last September. The resolution dealt with three key areas of the Political Declaration: development of a comprehensive global monitoring framework on NCDs, development of global targets for the prevention and control of NCDs and the development of partnerships. Proposals for the development of a framework, including a set of indicators and targets will be discussed in the upcoming WHA.  

The EB also took note of the Consultative Expert Working Group (CEWG)’s preliminary report on better alternatives for research and development: finance and coordination[2]. In response to the need for further resources applied to research and development on diseases mainly affecting developing countries, the WHA established the CEWG in May 2010 with the mandate to examine proposals to foster coordination and enlarge the resources’ availability at the global level[3]. A wide range of proposals have been discussed including the establishment of patent group, open sources and funding system, and a call for a binding instrument on R&D. The latter, mostly recommended by developing countries, could be the most significant development in this process. Indeed, the next round of negotiations might lead to further considerations on another internationally binding instrument within the WHO after the adoption of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2003. The final report of the CEWG is due to be released in April and will be submitted to Member States at the 65th WHA in May 2012.

The GHP has monitored all sessions of the EB and contributed to the Health Diplomacy Monitor from the Global Health Diplomacy network (GHD-Net). Articles providing an account of the main outcomes of the discussions on the WHO Reform and the work of the CEWG can be found at:

Reported by The Graduate Institute

[1] WHO (2012) EB 130.R7, 20 January 2012, Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases: follow-up to the High-level Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases.

[2] WHO (2012) EB130/23, 3 November 2011, Consultative expert working group on research and development: financing and coordination

[3] WHA Resolution 63.28, Establishment of a consultative expert working group on research and development:  financing and coordination, 21 May 2010.

How to use social media to combat poverty

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 A few weeks ago the Civil Society and Outreach Unit of the UN's DESA ( hosted a two-hour presentation by Socialbrite on the subject of how to use social media to combat poverty for an audience of over 100 NGOs.
Here was the presentation they gave at the UN:

And their answers to some of the questions raised at the session:


Supplement dedicated to Tobacco Control in the The European Journal of Public Health. Read the Progress on Tobacco Control in Europe: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Europe Project here FREE for the entire month of March.

Members' Newsletter

European Public Health Association: Read the Newsletter

Public Health Association of South Africa: Read the Newsletter

Swiss Society of Public Health: Read the Newsletter

Vietnam Public Health Association: Read the Newsletter

Upcoming events

13th World Congress on Public Health

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The Ethiopian Public Health Association and the World Federation of Public Health Associations invite public health professionals from around the world to participate in the 13th World Congress on Public Health that will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 23-27 April 2012.

Ethiopian airlines is pleased to offer a 10% discount to all 13th World Congress on Public Health delegates. For more information, click here.

SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20

Sustainable Development and Environmental Health – SDE -  PAHO/WHO. The SDE Seminar series will happen every Wednesday from 12 to 1pm (Washington time), from February 8 to June 13th.

All Seminars will be life-streamed, and opened for participation in person at the PAHO/WHO HQ, or via Elluminate, or via telephone line. Some of the Seminars will be in English, others in Spanish.

Online: Elluminate link: 

For those who cannot follow the seminar alive, they will be available later at PAHO Rio+20 Toolkit at:

EUCAM Conference on Alcohol Marketing

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EUCAM Conference on Alcohol Marketing, to be held on the 29th and 30th of March 2012, in Warsaw Poland.

Geneva Health Forum

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Geneva Health Forum: A Critical Shift to Chronic Conditions: Learning From the Frontliners, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 18-20 April 2012.

Modeling Approaches for HTA

Course: Modeling Approaches for HTA: a Practical Hands-On Workshop, to be held in Oslo, Norway, 7 – 9 June, 2012. For more information, click here.

Executive Course on Global Health Diplomacy

tl_files/images/Newsletter 2012/March/banner_GHP_Invitation_vert.jpgThis course will explore current debates at the interface with foreign policy, trade, climate change through multi-disciplinary learning process. Negotiation simulations and skill building activities will facilitate the real-life backdrop discussion, along with high-level introduction to the field of global health diplomacy and key challenges at national, regional and global levels. Applications now open! Deadline: Sunday, 1 April 2012.

Canadian Public Health Association’s 2012 Annual Conference

tl_files/images/Newsletter 2012/March/canada.jpg

Canadian Public Health Association’s 2012 Annual Conference: Public Health in Canada: Creating and Sustaining Healthy Environments, to be held in Edmonton, Alberta • June 11-14, 2012.

Cuba Health 2012

tl_files/images/Newsletter 2012/March/cuba.jpg

International Health Conference “Cuba Health 2012”, to be held at the International Conference Center of Havana from 3-7 December 2012.

WFPHA Member's communication


The General Assembly of the WFPHA will take place on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 16:00 in Addis Ababa. In order to help us plan for this event, I am asking WFPHA members to please confirm whether or not a representative of their public health association will attend this event. Please note that WFPHA member associations will be responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation costs.

Could you please send confirmation whether your public health association will be represented at the WFPHA General Assembly to Laetitia Bourquin by March 31st, at the latest?

We hope that your public health association will be able to attend the General Assembly.


WFPHA membership fee invoices as well the payment confirmations will be sent from now on by the West Pacific Regional Liaison Office.

(WPRLO: Director: Dr. Cai Jiming, Deputy Director: Dr. Wang Peng , Officer: Ms. Yi Heya)


Send us your ‘action’ photos – photos of your members doing something that shows public health in action. These photos will be posted on our website, Facebook group page and used for the 2012 Annual Report.

Call for intership applicants

The World Federation of Public Health Associations is looking for a student in the Office of the Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, starting from June 2012. For more information, click here.

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