We are currently in the process of selecting new 'Diplomats of the Global Charter' for 2017.

Who is the Diplomat?

YOU - a public health professional engaged in improving global health and willing to sustain the Global Charter for the Public’s Health's revolution within his/her working and living context.

What we offer

  •    Diplomat name listed on the WFPHA website Global Charter's Diplomat page
  •    Diplomat 100-word bionote once in WFPHA Facebook page
  •    Use of the title "Diplomat of the Global Charter" after his/her signature for the year selected
  •    5% reduction on the entrance fees of the World Congress on Public Health next to the selected year


$200 USD per year.

With your contribution you will support training and advocacy activities around the Charter.

Who can apply and how?

To be awarded the title of ‘Diplomat of the Global Charter’, you must:

  •    Be a public health professional with at least five (5) years experience
  •    Have a strong network within public health and between sectors
  •    Have demonstrated leadership experience in the promotion of public health within your country and/or globally

To apply for the title, please send your CV and a motivational letter outlining how you meet the above criteria, why you wish to become a ‘Diplomat of the Global Charter’, and how you will use your current position to promote the Charter, to Dr Marta Lomazzi.

Diplomats 2017

Diplomats 2017


Prof. Michael Moore and Helen Moore

Public Health Association of Australia

Country: Australia




Prof. Mike Daube

Curtin University, Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia

and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth.

Country: Australia



 orris p

 Prof. Peter Orris

University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System

Country: United States of America



 Antonio Carl Abelardo T

Dr. Carl Abelardo T. Antonio

College of Public Health, Manila

Country: Philippines



 Hernando Nieto

 Dr. Hernando Nieto

Colombian Association of Public Health

Country: Colombia



 Herminso Ruiz

 Herminso Ruiz

Photographer/Colombian Association of Public Health

Country: Colombia



 Guy NatanelGuy Natanel

Guy Natanel

Documental Films

Country: United Kingdom


Diplomat Training Material

Newly awarded the title of Diplomat of the Global Charter, need a refresher or just want to know more?

Please review our presentation on the Global Charter for the Public's Health.

The PowerPoint version of this presentation is available upon request - Please contact Dr Marta Lomazzi.

This presentation can be used as a training and education tool for new Diplomats, or by individuals and organisations wishing to learn more about the Charter. The presentation covers the context, vision, components and aims of the Global Charter, and how to implement it regionally, internationally and within public health associations. It also provides a brief summary of the next steps to come with the Global Charter.

Explore the videos and scientific articles below to learn more! 


For a brief overview of the Global Charter for the Public's Health, watch the introductory video.

To hear from current and former WFPHA presidents on how to implement the Global Charter, click here.

Scientific Articles

Global public health today: connecting the dots

Lomazzi M, Jenkins C, Borisch B.

Global Health Action 2016, 9: 28772

DOI: 10.3402/gha.v9.28772


Global Public Health: A Review and Discussion of the Concepts, Principles and Roles of Global Public Health in Today's Society

Chris Jenkins*, Marta Lomazzi*, Heather Yeatman, Bettina Borisch. * equally contributed

Global Policy

DOI: 10.1111/1758-5899.12302


A Global Charter for the Public's Health - the public health system: role, functions, competencies and education requirements

M. Lomazzi

The European Journal of Public Health 2016;

DOI: 10.1093/eurpub/ckw011


The Global Charter for the Publics Health (editorial)

Michael Moore; Martin McKee; Bettina Borisch; Walter Ricciardi

The European Journal of Public Health 2016 26 (2): 207

DOI: 10.1093/eurpub/ckw013


Finnish Editorial on the Global Charter for Public Health (in Finnish)

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