GC Meeting Agenda

Dec 3rd – 1pm (CET – Geneva time)

1.0 Session Opening (L.  Rispel)

2.0 Adoption of the Agenda – topics for voting with * (L. Rispel)

3.0 Approval Minutes Sept 2018 * (L.  Rispel)

4.0 Welcome to new GC members & brief introduction

5.0 Conference Feedback 

      5.1 Global Conference on Primary Health Care - Astana  (L.  Rispel & Indigenous WG)

           5.1.1 General overview

           5.1.2 Side events

           5.1.3 Next steps (PHM, IHF, etc.)

      5.2 Global Charter Diplomats conference – Bogotà (H. Nieto & B. Borisch)

      5.3 Coalition of Partners (M. Moore, B. Borisch, M. Lomazzi)

      5.4 APHA (L. Rispel)

      5.5 EPH (W. Ricciardi)

      5.6 Second call to action event on AMR (G. Amofah)

6.0 Fundraising updates (L. Rispel and W. Ricciardi)

7.0 International Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labels Webinar 2018 (FoPL webinar) – outcomes (M. Moore & M. Lomazzi)

8.0 16 WCPH – Rome 2020 updates (W. Ricciardi)

9.0 17 WCPH (M. Lomazzi & M. Giessler) *

      9.1 Expressions of interest

      9.2 Permanent Bids Selection Committee

10.0 2019 workshop (L.  Rispel)

11.0 Social media update (M. Lomazzi)

12.0 TOR for the Governance review (L. Rispel)

13.0 Bylaws & on-line voting ad hoc committee (L. Rispel)

14.0 AOB

For information

Speak up:

  • The WFPHA is an Initial Endorser of the 'Call to Action on Climate and Health' (written by the Global Climate and Health Forum), which prioritizes for environmental and public health actions and calls upon those in the healthcare field to do more. Read the full statement here.
  • The WFPHA is a Founding Supporter of the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge. The goal of the Pledge is to help create a tobacco-free world through addressing the tobacco industry from an economic standpoint via policies, awareness, and partnerships. Read the full pledge here.
  • The WFPHA along with other non-governmental organizations from all over the world has signed a letter addressed to the president of the Swiss confederation expressing its disagreement regarding tobacco control in Switzerland. Read the full letter here.
  • The WFPHA wrote an open letter to Austrian Minister Sebastian Kurz of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs in support of the FCTC and implementing stricter tobacco control policies in Austria. Read his full letter here.


  • The WFPHA Oral Health Working Group’s article “Integrating oral health with public health systems under the framework of the Global charter for the Public's Health” has been released in the International Dental journal. Read the full article here.
  • “The Future of Public Health: Engaging Students and Young Professionals” article by our SYP section has been published in the Federation’s pages. Read the full article here.
  • The “Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – moving forward?” article – one of the outcomes of the AMR workshop has been submitted for publication.


  • Elections for the GC seats currently covered by T. Piggott (young professionals) and B. Regmi (SEAR) will be run starting Q1 2019.

Meet the New WFPHA Interns

Lear about our new interns Megan, Laura, Jia and Gemma at http://www.wfpha.org/about-us-wfpha/internships-en

OHWG news

  • Professor Raman Bedi attended the Global 'm-OralHealth Workshop' as part of his role as Chair of the Oral Health Working Group. The conference was hosted by the WHO ‘’Be He@lthy, Be Mobile initiative and the University of Montpellier, France.
  • The new OHWG website is now live! Have a look at http://globaldentalhealth.org/
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