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Relevant Documents for the Governing Council Meeting

Please refer to the information below for the Governing Council Meeting.


  1. Session Opening - (M. Moore, L. Rispel)

  2. Adoption of the Agenda - topics for voting underlined - (M. Moore, L. Rispel)

  3. Approval Minutes April GC TC - (M. Moore, L. Rispel)

  4. World Health Assembly (M. Moore, L. Rispel and B. Borisch)

    1. General Overview 

    2. Statements

      1. Evaluation and Review of the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property

      2. Call to Exempt Tax on Dental Supplies and Equipment for Infection Control and Prevention

      3. Human Resouces for Health: Engagement for Young Professionals

      4. The Role of the Health Sector in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals

  5. 15 WCPH (M. Moore, L. Rispel)

    1. Overview of the Congress 

    2. Reflection on congress from GC members who attended

    3. Plenary recordings and archives 

    4. Financial Statement 

  6. Rome 2020 - update (M. Moore, M. Lomazzi)

  7. New Working Groups 

    1. Young Professionals (T. Piggott)

    2. Indigenous health (A. Te Patu)

    3. Young co-chair within each WG or Committee

  8. Existing Working Groups

    1. Request for amendment of name of Global Health Equity working group

    2. WG Disaster and Emergency - change in Chair person

  9. Charter Operationalization 

    1. Collaboration with ASPHER (B. Borisch and M. Lomazzi)

    2. Case Study (M. Moore and M. Lomazzi)

    3. WHO Bulletin (B. Borisch and M. Lomazzi)

  10. Fundraising update (M. Moore, L. Rispel and E. De Cata)

    1. Advertising 

    2. Membership fees 

    3. Update on Aetna proposal

  11. Progress on Development of Strategic Plan, 2018-2022

  12. Policy Committee Updates (I. Hernandez)

  13. AOB


The below documents are for information only

  1. Strategic Plan 2018-2020: a letter has been sent by L . Rispel to all members asking about the major achievement our members would like the WFPHA reach in the next 5 years. Suggestions are under collection and will be used to develop the next strategic plan. 

  2. Resolutions approved by the GA in 2017 will be published as articles under the Federation's pages part of the JPHP

  3. The MoU with the University of Geneva has been renewed fo the next 3 years. The University of Geneva, through B. Borisch, hosts the international office of the World Federation of Public Health Associations for free. 

  4. Aetna project on DT - phase 2. J. Chauvin and M. Lomazzi had a call with Aetna to better define the project. A proposal is under preparation. 

  5. Annual report 2017: E. De Cata will request articles soon. A prompt feedback from members will be highly appreciated. 

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