GC Meeting Agenda:

September 19th 2017 – 1pm (CET – Geneva time) Via WEBEX


1.0 Session Opening – (M. Moore)

2.0 Adoption of the Agenda – topics for voting underlined – (M. Moore)

3.0 Approval Minutes April GC TC June 8th 2017 – (M. Moore)

4.0 World Congress on Public Health (M. Moore & M. Lomazzi)

4.1 Melbourne 2017

4.1.1 Financial statement

4.1.2 Evaluation (comments may be found below for more information)

4.1.3 Streaming

4.2 Rome 2020

4.2.1 MoU and logo proposal

4.2.2 Budget

4.2.3 Next steps

 5.0 Charter implementatio

5.1  13th annual conference of PHASA “A Global Charter for the Public’s Health: Implications for Public Health Practice in South Africa ”  (L. Rispel)

5.2 International Public Health Forum on the Global Charter for the Public’s Health – Cameroon (D. Kondji Kondji)

5.3  New Diplomats of the Global Charter  (M. Lomazzi)

5.4 2018 Annual Meeting of the Network TUFH (Towards Unity for Health): Community Empowerment for Health: A Multi-Sectoral Approach (L. Rispel)

6.0 World congress and workshop strategy (M. Moore & M. Lomazzi)

7.0 Strategic plan – update (L. Rispel)

8.0 New members (M. Lomazzi)


8.2 Planetary Health Alliance

9.0 New working groups

9.1 Indigenous health (A. Te Patu)

10.0 News from SYP WG (T. Piggott & A. Katar)

11.0 Fundraising update (E. De Cata & M. Lomazzi)

11.1 Membership fees

11.2 Atlas

12.0 Communication approach (M. Lomazzi)

13.0 AOB

13.1 Draft Statement about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

13.2 Iatrogenesis: Analysis, control and prevention

13.3 Leadership Group of the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health (Draft Outcome Paper and Concept Note)

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